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Tank Integrated SCR Urea Supply Unit

The ActNOx_Gen3 tank integrated AdBlue® supply module is designed for on-highway and off-highway commercial vehicles. The module already includes a filter and quality sensor to reduce the number of components and suppliers to be handled by the OEMs. The tank integration eliminates the need for suction and return lines decreasing the number of connecting operations during assemble process. The embedded electronic offers a high flexibility between slave mode up to standalone mode.


  • Including Filter, Heating, Level and Qulity Sensor
  • Including intergrated Dosing Control Unit and Injector driver
  • Reduced number of components in the SCR system (Perfect for Retrofit)
  • Freeze Proven - Non Purged System

Technical Description

  • Robust Piston Pump, Maintenance Free Lifetime Filter
  • CAN Connection to NOx and Temperature Sensors
  • Pump Capacity : 8l/h
  • Operating Pressure : 5 to 8 bars (relative)

Variant in 12 and 24V